thankU cashless tipping - for salons

thankU cashless tipping is particularly well suited to hair and beauty salons. 

With thankU your clients can download the thankU app once and then tip you and your staff cashlessly thereafter. It takes less than a minute first time - to download the app, create a user account and then make their first tip. After that they can tip in less than 10 seconds..

Through the app, you order your thankU badge media which the app scans to direct the tip to the right person  - and we send the media and any associated promo to you free of charge.

Here we guide you about which media you might want to order, which is best suited to salons:

thankU display unit

Most (but not all) salons have this thankU display unit on their front desk - the unit features a domed thankU badge mounted with an integrated card holder. The cards are for clients to give them a quick intro to the app and provide QR codes to quickly download it - otherwise they just download it from their app store as normal

thankU integrated display unit.jpg

31mm resin-domed thankU badge:

It's the same badge as featured in the thankU display unit above, but it's typically placed on its own on the table top or the mirror where your client sits. 

TU domed sticker.png

With the badge sitting discretely in front of them, the client asks “what is that?” your stylist answers: “We have other clients who asked for cashless tipping so we implemented this solution”. If the client is interested, the stylist can reach across to a separate cardholder we also provide to give them a thankU info card – the client can download and quickly create a user account whilst still in their chair. This approach significantly increases the frequency of clients using thankU.

thankU badge on salon tabletop

thankU badge on station 4.jpg
thankU badge on station 3.jpg

thankU badge on mirror

thankU badge on station 1.jpeg

thankU badge on table top

Card holder:

These card holders hold ~30 of our 85mm x 55mm client information cards which let your clients know about the availability of thankU, how to download it and get started. You would typically have one of these near at hand to every 3 or 4 client chairs. When your staff member is asked bout the thankU badge, they can reach across to get one of the cards which the client can look at whilst in their chair, and if inclined download the app and make the tip quickly there and then as their appointment comes to an end..

card holder cropped trans.png

Card boxes:

These boxes hold ~100 85mm x 55mm (=business card-sized) customer information cards referred to above (below are a recently introduced new design updated from the cards shown above.

TU customer card back May 21.jpg
TU customer card front May 21.jpg

Static cling window stickers:

These static cling window stickers allow you to let your customers know that thankU is an option for tipping at your business - they stick on the inside or outside of your premises window without adhesive so no messy residue to worry about if you ever need to remove them.

thankU clear static 020719.png

Lo-tack removable stickers:

These lo-tack removable promo stickers allow you to let your customers know that thankU is an option for tipping at your business - the adhesive is lo-tack so no messy residue to worry about if you ever need to remove them.

thankU large display sticker 020719.png

What we suggest you order:

Most or our salons have a similar set up:

  • 1 or 2 of the thankU display units depending on the size of your salon

  • as many thankU badges as you have client chairs, plus a couple spare

  • 1 freestanding client info card holder for every 3-4 client chairs

  • if you wish, 1 or 2 static cling window stickers and / or lo-tack removable promotional stickers

Remember - to order your thankU media simply download the thankU app and order it from the Account screen in the app (tap the 'RECEIVE' tab then the 'Order thankU tags' button).