How to set up a thankU pool - example: hotel concierge and door staff pool

The following is a step by step guide how to set up your thankU Receive account if you want to operate a hotel concierge and door staff pool, or any group pool with similar business requirements. To understand when you would choose this kind of configuration, please see the example of Stewart at the Mandleborough Hotel at 'When to order thankU tags with a different display name to your username...'

Steps summary:

As poolmaster you will need to have access to an iPhone 7 or later to manage your pool.

  • Sign up for a thankU Receive user account, either here on the website, or on the ThankU app

  • Log in to your account here on the website, click top right 'Welcome [your username]' to go to your Account page

  • Click 'Order thankU Tags' on your Account page and complete the form, typing in your business or group's name as the Display Name at the top of that form

  • Receive your thankU badges order by mail

  • Use the thankU app to quickly disconnect from your personal account any thankU tags you will distribute to your staff

  • Hand out a thankU badges to each of your participating staff

  • For any staff member who has either an iPhone 7 or later or a Samsung / Android phone with NFC capability (most do), they can sign up for a thankU account and easily connect the thankU tag you have given them at the point of sign up or afterwards

  • If they do not have a compatibility phone per above they can either ask a friend or colleague to lend them their phone to do this (it takes seconds, and it's the only time using thankU they will need to use an iPhone). You can also do this for them, just log out of your account on the thankU app, and they can sign straight up for their account (with just a username, email and password), or log in if they already did, and then connect their new thankU badge in seconds and log out again - they never need to access an iPhone again



  • if however you do want to know which tip came from any particular member of your team, and you want them to be able to see who tipped them and how much they tipped, these are the steps:

  • open the thankU app and on your Account page, tap 'Manage Tags'. This takes you to the 'Your thankU Tags' screen, listing the Tag IDs of all the tags on your account. Take any one of your thankU tags we sent you, tap 'Identify thankU Tag' (3) and hold that tag to the top of your iPhone. The thankU app will read it and identify which one it is by highlighting its record in green. Swipe left on that green record to reveal the 'Disconnect' action (4), and tap it. This tag is still locked to The Mandleborough but is now available to connect to one of your staff members' user accounts. If you want to give them more than one tag repeat this process for any tags you want to give them.

  • The last step is to connect the tag or tags you disconnected in the step above to your staff member's account. By supplying just an email address, username and password, they can sign up for an account on this website, if they have have an iPhone 7 or later, they can do it through the thankU app as described above. Once they have done that...


  • if they have an iPhone 7 or later:

    • either connect the tag when they sign up in the thankU app:

      • on the home screen tap the big thankU Receive button, and select 'Recipient' on the sign up screen which comes next. Choose 'Add thankU tag' and hold the tag close to the top of the iPhone. When the phone detects the tag, it will move to the Account screen in the middle of which will be a green message saying 'thankU Tag Active!'. That's it, the tag is now ready for your staff member to use by wearing it or otherwise displaying it

    • or after they sign up (whether through the website or the app):​

      • go to their Account screen in the tha​nkU app, click the 'Add Tag' button midway down the screen, and hold that tag to the top of the iPhone(5), you will get a tag added confirmation message and the tag will be highlighted in green (6). That's it, that tag is now connected to your staff member's account, and any tips they receive from that thankU tag will show up on their Payments Statement (which they can also receive as a CSV file via email), but will be credited to your account as poolmaster for you to determine allocation to your staff as a whole.  

  • if they do not have an iPhone 7 or later:

    • then to connect their new tag to their account, they just need very brief one-time help from someone who does, which may be a friend, family member, or you their manager - you don't need to let them use your phone

    • the thankU app should be downloaded to the phone of the person helping them, and your staff member should then follow the instructions above for people who 'have an iPhone 7 or later

    • if this is your phone, simply logout of your user account from the Account screen in the thankU app, which takes you back to the welcome screen with the both the big 'thankU Receive ' or smaller 'login' buttons available









Detailed guide:

  • Sign up for a thankU receive account:

    • on the website, just click 'Sign up' in the top right corner and follow the instructions 

    • or download the thankU app from the App Store, tap the big 'ThankU Receive' button on the welcome screen and follow the instructions

  • Here on the website, log in to your thankU user account - you will already be logged in if your signed up here, otherwise click 'Sign up' and on the next screen, choose 'Have an account? Login' at the bottom of the next screen

  • Once logged in, your Account page will be displayed (you can always reach it by clicking top right 'Welcome [your username]', click 'Order thankU Tags' (1)

  • On the 'Order thankU Tags' page, type in your business or group name as your Display Name, as you want it seen by your guests  in the thankU app when they come to tip you, your concierge desk, or one of your colleagues, e.g. 'The Ritz Hotel' (2)

  • Complete the rest of the form to specify the number of tags you want, format (size and type, you can order more than one format at a time), colour etc - enter the address for us to mail them to you. NB: the country you select in your mailing address sets the currency for the account. We will then mail you your thankU tags order

  • Your thankU tags will all arrive set to your username, e.g. 'Stewart717' and Display Name e.g. 'The Mandleborough'. You are the Head Concierge at The Mandleborough and now want to give out the tags to your staff. Firstly,  you could consider changing your username to 'Concierge@TM' which arguably is a better default presentation to any of your guests using the thankU app to tip you, your desk, or your staff, so they would see 'Concierge@TM' and 'The Mandleborough' on their screen. To change your username, go to your Account page on the website or on the thankU app, simply change your username click the 'Save Account Changes' button or and tap 'SAVE' respectively.

  • At this point, if you are happy for all your thankU tags to pool into your account without knowing which tip came from any particular member of your team, you are good to go, no further action required, start wearing / displaying the thankU tags and when your guests tip, you will see the incoming amounts in your Payments Statement available through your Account screen both on the website and in the app.