How and when to choose thankU tag Display Names

All the things you can do if you order thankU badges with a display name different to your username... (NB: you will sometimes see badges referred to as 'tags' which is our old terminology for the same thing..)

The Bottom Line

When you order thankU badges from us, if you leave the Display Name as your username (the default) then all tips on any of the thankU badges you get will go to your own bank account.

If you change the Display Name, e.g. to your business name, you will have the options to:

  • run a tipping pool, where you know which of your staff earned which tips, but all the tip monies go to your bank account for you to distribute to them as you see fit

  • offer multi-colleague badges, which enable multiple co-workers to receive tips direct to their bank accounts through the same thankU tag; the person tipping is offered the choice of which member of your staff to tip 

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To make the decision when to order badges with a different display name, it helps to understand when it isn't necessary first (or you can skip straight to the section describing when it is...):

When to order thankU badges with the same display name as your username...

When you order thankU badges with your username as the display name (default), any and all thankU badges you order will display your username as the recipient to anyone giving tips to those badges, and all payments received go to your account. However, your username could still be your business name for example if that suits you.


All thankU badges on your account:

  • will present your username (which you can change later if you wish) to the person paying you

  • will receive payments to your one user account


  • you are Tom, a food delivery rider, when you deliver supper to the front door of your customers, they typically tip you e.g. £2, but now they often don't have cash an they genuinely want to but can't and feel embarrassed. You sign up with thankU, and order say 3 thankU badges so you can have one each stuck to a couple of jackets you use whilst riding, and maybe one to put on your helmet for good measure. In this case, it's just you, you find an available username, say 'Tom77', and you just go with the default to have your display name the same as your username, 'Tom77'. Next time they want to tip you and they haven't got cash, you show them the thankU logo on your sleeve / helmet tag, suggest they have a look at the thankU app in the App Store, and if you like give them a thankU business card we send with your badges, to leave them to have a look at how it works. Next time when they have the thankU app, and hold it close to one of your thankU badges, up comes your name 'Tom77', up to 4 suggested tip amounts you set, let's say £2, £3, £4, and £5 (maybe they are up 5 flights of stairs). In seconds, they've tipped you.


  • you are Sondrine, a freelance hair stylist, ok in one way, you are like Tom the food delivery driver in that you often get tipped, let's say you are on a shoot for the day and you did a great job and they want to 'buy you a drink' but actually they are flying to the Maldives at 5:40am, so a tenner for your own round, but they don't have the tenner. So then you use thankU like Tom above, you indicate to them the thankU badge on your equipment travel case ... but what if you are out on a job at someone's home before they are off to a wedding, and they assumed their partner had the cash to pay you your fee, but the partner, as is increasingly the case, finds him/herself without cash... well, ok, we have to take our modest percentage through the thankU app to cover whatever Apple or Paypal or the credit card company charge us, and something to pay our wages, but you can use thankU to collect your whole fee from your cashless client and know it's in the pocket.... ok, so you might save 3% or so, if you get fixed up with a mobile credit card reading terminal?? how much more elegant to just proffer the discrete thankU badge to pay your fee through our app.. well, that's what we think, and in any case it's not either or, you can have both... either way, you should accept the default to have your display name the same as your username, say 'Sondrine 'Sondrine Nicholson' or 'Sondrine Stylist' (i.e. your username should be whatever you want people paying you to see when they are paying you through the app, and reviewing their statement of all the payments they've made through the thankU app).

When to order thankU badges with a different display name to your username...

If you choose a display name that is different from your username, you get the sort of flexibility which businesses and other organisations will often want - ordering thankU badges with a display name that is different to your username means that thankU will automatically consider you the manager of a business, organisation, or some other form of group. This is what you can do with your account when you use a different display name:

  • operate a thankU pool, where you, as poolmaster, obtain and distribute thankU tags to colleagues, and any thankU payments to those colleagues are paid to your poolmaster's account for you to onward distribute to your colleagues as you determine

  • Additionally and alternatively, you can easily turn your thankU badges into multi-colleague thankU tags where the payer (e.g. the person giving the tip) gets the chance to choose who to pay from a list of people you have associated with your badges (e.g. your team), but each person on your badges receives their thankU payments directly into their own thankU account.


  • you are Stewart, head concierge at a top London hotel, cash tipping is an important pay and incentive component for your staff of porters and doormen, but many of your guests from the Middle and Far East in particular have grown used to just paying using Apple Pay or Android Pay wherever they go. You make sure your porters pass you such cash tips as they still get which you administer as a pool and later redistribute amongst them - you have to do it this way otherwise they compete for tips from the guests which leads to undesirable behaviour. You can do it the same way with thankU - when you signed up to thankU let's say you chose 'Stewart717' as your username. Now you are coming to order thankU badges, you are going to choose a different display name to your username, so the display name would typically be your business name, let's say the 'The Mandleborough Hotel', or maybe just 'The Mandleborough' if that's how you are known. Let's say you order 30 thankU badges initially for you and your team. When you receive them, they are all in your username, so if a guest tries to tip any of those thankU badges with the thankU app, they will be shown to be tipping 'Stewart717' at 'The Mandleborough' so at that this point you probably change your username to something like 'Concierge@TM' so now anyone tipping any of the 30 badges will see 'Concierge@TM' at 'The Mandleborough'. If you aren't interested in knowing who on your team is generating more or less tips than their colleagues, then leave all the badges as they are and hand them out to your team. All thankU payments are received to your one account. If however, it is of value to you, or to your team, for each one to know what he or she is generating in tips, and for you to know this for each member of your team, then thankU provides an easy couple of steps for you to disconnect a badge from your account and to connect it to theirs, whilst all the payments from their newly connected badge will be paid into your account, both you and they will be able to track their individual performance. For a easy step guide on how to do this, please see our step by step example setup, hotel concierge and door staff pool.

  • you are Vlad, director of the Chelsea Chair hair salon. The salon's clients have always liked to tip but you can't put it through your credit card machine and now they mostly don't have cash - thankU is a good solution for you, it's discrete, you just display it on your reception counter and when people ask "what's that?" you say "some of our clients asked us how they could tip us without cash and we signed up to this thankU service here's a card with some info.."  Whilst you have seen hotel porters displaying thankU tags smartly on their coat sleeve buttons, that doesn't work for you and your staff because most of the time you are cutting hair and wearing short sleeves. So you need it at your reception counter but it would look ridiculous if you displayed a tag for each member of your staff, so you need one nice thankU badge at the desk to offer tipping for any member of your staff. You don't want to manage pooled payments out to all your staff, each staff member should just receive their thankU payments direct to their own account. Now you are coming to order thankU badges, you are going to choose a different display name to your username, so as in the example above you choose 'Vlad' as your username, and 'The Chelsea Chair' as the display name, so when a guest comes to tip Vlad personally with the thankU app, they will be shown to be tipping 'Vlad' at 'The Chelsea Chair'. Vlad really only needs to order just the one thankU badge, maybe a spare one too just in case... Vlad is poolmaster of this account, it's his to control. Now his colleagues can join his Chelsea Chair thankU badge, and each time they do, their name will be added to a list shown on the thankU app when a client wants to tip, the client selects who they want to tip and that's it... Vlad's colleagues can easily add themselves to it when they sign up on the app or afterwards. For a easy step guide on how to set up the account like Vlad's at The Chelsea Chair, please see our step by step example setup, hair salon shared thankU tag.