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for contactless, cashless tips

wearable, stickable..

 wherever you see the logo

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Look out for the                 logo

You can tip with thankU wherever you see the thankU logo worn, displayed or presented, e.g. on:

  • a bellboy's coat button

  • a food delivery courier's sleeve

  • a hair & beauty salon's reception desk

  • a car valet's polo shirt


Hold your phone close

...just hold your phone** close to the displayed thankU logo to make your payment in seconds. A computer chip in the logo tells the thankU app who your payment is being made to, or gives you a choice, depending on the situation. 

** requires iPhone 7 or later or an NFC-capable Android phone, which most are.


Choose an amount to give

...the thankU app will suggest a choice of amounts to give or will let you enter your own. 

Payment options currently include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and major cards, just as in many other apps. The process takes seconds.



your iPhone reads the thankU tag..

...identifying the recipient..

pay with Apple Pay

choose the amount

or PayPal or credit card

green confirms payment

ready to go again


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